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September 1, 2015 Meeting Recap

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President Larry read the Paul Harris quote of the week. Tom reintroduced former member Chris Bijev who had to leave the club due to work travel. Sandy said work is being done on getting Chris back.

Larry said the upcoming weekend is full of big nights: Sept. 3 is Jackie’s Art Hop at Sorensen’s Studio; Sept 4 is adult opening of Storyland; and Sept 5 is the public grand reopening of Storyland


Sally introduced Guy Adams, founder of Heart of the Horse, and Jack Hannah, who told the inspirational story of getting connected with the program which uses horses for therapy with children and adults with disabilities and special needs, and sang for us (see the videos). Guy referred to Jack as his singing sidekick and shared the background of the program. He showed video and slideshows of how being with the horses changes lives, and how the program teaches awareness and consideration for everyone. He noted they are working with veterans as well, often giving them a new lease on life. He said that working around horses brings back a sense of the joy of life and sense of purpose in working with the kids.


Robert announced the first upcoming Keyboard Concert at Fresno State

Sue is seeking chaperones for the Biola youth to attend the Keyboard Concert


Larry to thank our program guests

Jackie 2 for our guests and her upcoming Art Hop

Sue for hiking at Florence Lake and Kaiser Pass

Laurel 2 for Interact kids everywhere and to honor and thank club members for supporting the Alzheimer’s Walk

Sally C for our speaker and Jack’s great songs

Robert 2 for Jack Hannah and closing escrow on his new house

Terri for guests and Jack Hannah

Terrance for the WOW Library Outreach and 100 new library cards issued out in the field

Larry reminded us the 5th Tuesday Sept 29 is dark and that evening is our event at Lomac Winery. A special notice will be sent

It’s such a pleasure to serve with everyone in the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno

August 25, 2015 Meeting Recap

Click here to see members, guests and new generation – the essence of Rotary! Be sure to view the video of Paul leading our new greeting process!

This meeting was billed as being all about New Generations – and it Really Was!


President Larry introduced visiting Rotarian and Assistant District Governor Rod Coburn, and our Brazil inbound exchange student Mateus and his host Fern family. Jackie introduced guest Teresa Mathias, founder and owner of The Artist in Me; Laurel introduced the team from Central High – Erin English, Interact Administrator and Guidance Instructional Advisor, Central High Principal Robert Perez, Interact President Cameron Ferraro, and Interact Vice President Dylan Casares; Mike introduced Mark Sutton who will replace him as Central Superintendent; Jill introduced Edison Camp Royal Chong Lee, Zariah Brown, Samuel Crary and QiQi Liu. President Larry introduced visiting Rotarian, Fresno Club Past President Shirley Bruegman, who made a great pitch for the private adult reopening of Storyland on September 4. She thanked us for all our support for Storyland over the years, especially Sally and Laurel. There was a standing ovation for Sally.

Sue presented Jackie with a wonderful portrait she painted of Jackie (which is greatly treasured and appreciated! Thank you, Sue)


Each of the Camp Royal attendees shared their experiences and what they gained. The theme was it was a rewarding and valuable experience, and was particularly valuable in that the youth were tasked with figuring things out for themselves, which provided creativity and initiative

Interact President Cameron shared his perspective for the coming year, including the plan to get more photos of the wide range of activities and emphasis on the meaning of all the activities, citing examples of past and ongoing projects. Larry noted Storyland & Jazz had 20 Interacters there adding a great deal of value. Richard asked what we could best do to support Interact, and Larry said that is currently under discussion.

Shirley Bruegman stated the Central High Interact is known as the most dynamic in all of District 5230. Laurel noted the many things Interactees have done at Storyland and added they will be at the public grand opening on Sept 5

Principal Perez talked about his plans for Central High, stressing the importance of community service in education. He expressed excitement for this upcoming generation and the involvement of youth and them being role models for the future

Internet Vice President Dylan noted they were with us at Storyland & Jazz on Saturday, as well as our last 2-3 meetings, and also expressed excitement for future involvement

Exchange student Mateus was to have make a presentation on his home country of Brazil but due to technology failure, he will present next week. If anyone will be attending activities or events which might appeal to Mateus, we can contact him directly at 559/392-592.


Sally thanked everyone for their hard work on Storyland & Jazz, especially Michelle for the lovely color flow of the entire grounds. She shared list of both compliments and suggestions for improvements; that list will be published and distributed as we debrief. She thanked Brooke for the outstanding publicity and promotion, and Robert emphasized the importance of thanking Sally and her staff for everything from lighting to electricity to all requirements being met and everything in between.

It is thought we had over 400 people there, and anticipated we will have reports on attendance and income next week.

Assistant District Governor Rod said this was his first Storyland & Jazz and said it was a great event.


Larry for success of Storyland & Jazz

Jacke 5 (determined by club) for going on and on for Storyland & Jazz and her upcoming exhibit at Sorensen’s beginning Sept 3

Linda 2 for Michelle’s color coordination and for Becky getting her through the weekend

Sally in gratitude for all who made S & J a success

Marcy to honor so many outstanding educational leaders, many present

Larry one more for starting his last class

Ann for moving and being so tired she missed S & J

Terrance for Friends of Library book sale bringing in $40,000

Jackie one more to thank Sue for her portrait, as well as the stick horse and dragon decorations

Michelle 2 for her S & J committee, and Jackie presenting two workshops at EOC’s 50th anniversary celebration

WOW! All meetings of the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World are outstanding – this was even better than that. Thanks to all!!!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno

August 18, 2015 Meeting Recap

Click here to see Cultural Arts Rotarians and guests in action

President Larry introduced visiting Rotarian Leslie, Central Valley Community Bank, and Julian introduced Megin, who is helping with the silent auction for Fresno Arts Council.


Patsy read this week’s quote: “Good works are not all there is in Rotary; good works are expressions only of something beneath. Beneath the good works of Rotary there is an invisible power; it is the power of goodwill. Some of the most powerful forces in the world are invisible and yet it sustains life…Beneath the good works of Rotary there is an invisible power; it is the power of goodwill and by virtue of the power of goodwill Rotary exists.”

Larry talked about the departure of our exchange student and the arrival of inbound student Mateus, who will speak next week. Next week’s meeting is all New Generation; Mateus will talk about Brazil; we’ll hear from our Camp Royal students from Edison; and guests will include the new Interact Officers and Advisors, as well as the new principal, from Central High School


Sally circulated maps of the grounds and talked about specifics of the event; what is done and what is needed.


Terrance reminded us of the Friends of the Library Book Sale this coming weekend

Richard presented a wonderful painting of a girl hugging cat to Becky. He said when he saw it, he loved it but knew someone who would love it even more, and presented it to Becky


Robert 2 for buying a new house and the great job being done by Brooke on the fund raiser

Ann also bought a new house

Sally for being on the downside of Storyland & Jazz and appreciation for all the help

Jackie for knowing it will be a successful event

Sandy for GPC Junior Company fundraiser; we had eleven people there; our name is in the program; and we received a nice thank you letter; also, it was the first event our exchange student attended

Jerry for the announcement that this year we will present two A.J. Parker-Foster Memorial Musical Instruments

We next gather together for Storyland & Jazz at the River as proud members of the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno

August 11, 2015 Meeting Recap

Click here to view Cultural Arts Rotarians and guests in fine form!

President Larry called the meeting to order and introduced Visiting Fig Garden Rotarian Norma Forbes. Linda introduced friend and Visiting Fresno Club Rotarian Lee Ann Eager. Laurel introduced Interacters Dhillon, Cameron and Sarah; Jerry introduced husband Chester; Julian introduced downtown blogger Christopher Rocha and Jackie introduced lifelong friend Kelly Jean Good, a school counselor visiting from Stafford, Virginia.

President Larry noted board meeting last evening and process being followed to set goals, with seven months to accomplish them, and thanked the committee and project chairs.

PAUL HARRIS QUOTE: Patsy shared this week’s quote: “Let us destroy the foes to understanding. The three generals in command of the destructive forces are Suspicion, Jealousy and Fear. Let us stimulate and encourage the constructive forces and place in their command the three greatest generals the world has ever known: Faith, Love and Courage.” from message to 1927 Rotary International Convention in Ostend, Belgium


Laurel expressed thanks to all those who gave her support through her dad’s Alzheimer’s and passing, and noted she will again participate in the September 12 walk to support Educators Erasing Alzheimers. She invited everyone to participate or donate, and circulated form. She said they are increasingly closer to cure.

Terrance reminded us this is the last week to drop off books for the Big Book Sale for Friends of the Library on August 20-23 at Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis

Larry noted our exchange student will be attending the Jr. Company Players Foundation fundraiser Wednesday evening


Sally introduced Craig Scharton, longtime ambassador and advocate for downtown and owner of Peeve’s Public House on the Fulton Mall.

Craig gave an update on the project to reopen the Fulton Mall to traffic, noting bids went out about three weeks ago; there is a full process with bid closing in 3-5 weeks; about 30-35 attended the bidders conference; and it is hoped for groundbreaking in about mid December of this year. He said all art will be removed, restored, and replaced within a one block area, with the exception of one piece at the stadium entrance. He said there will be more sidewalk than street, with two way traffic and sidewalks at fourteen feet on one side and twenty eight feet on the other side of the street. He said that configuration is referred to as Complete Streets and offer a variety of ways for people to move about. He responded a number of questions, noting traffic will be two lane two way. He added there were 189 pedestrian malls constructed in the country; 175 have been removed and every one of those spaces have been revitalized; and talked about the future uses. There are planned farmers markets for Thursday evenings and every Sunday morning, and his greatest quote was “The first thing they will do after they open the street is to close it.” That will be for the farmers market.

Craig talked about NEA and multiple agency grants applied for to acquire a new piece of art at the old clock tower site at Fulton and Mariposa malls. He said the four steps to compartmentalize revitalization of the space are:

1. the City gets the planning, code, infrastructure and traffic design and flow in place

2. investors in downtown come forward (both public and private)

3 investors get tenants (private)

4. once businesses are in, convince everyone to come downtown

He said the process is still in step one. Responding to question, Craig said there is some relationship to the high speed rail in that there is coordination through a High Speed Rail Master Plan.

Larry thanked Craig and presented him with one of Will Portis’ wonderful cups


Need volunteers to help set up on that day

Craig said he will donate Silent Auction items if someone will come to Peeve’s to pick them up. We’ll take you up on that. Thanks, Craig

Robert called for more restaurants


Elva attended the Latino Club and someone (besides herself) bragged about the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World

Richard 3 for visiting his kids in Chicago and Kansas, and for Chester graduating from Kansas

Marcy for National Council for the Arts visiting cities of board members, and they will be here at Arte on September 20 in afternoon. She urged everyone to attend and give input

Jackie 2 for friend Becky, and having Kelly Jean visit

Becky signed for being with us after a harrowing experience encountering intruders in the dead of night at her old house where she is packing up things to move. She’s so glad to be here, rather than a statistic, and said this is her incentive to get moved out and sell the house. We are SO glad for this outcome, Becky.

So thankful that Becky and all of us can serve together through the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno

August 4, 2015 Meeting Recap

Click here to see the action

It was an especially exciting day for the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Following invocation and pledge, we began with our weekly Paul Harris quote read by Patsy: “The importance of placing and maintaining Rotary standards and ideals aloft cannot be overestimated. The star of hope in the Rotary ethical firmament must be high. It is hardly possible for it to be too high. May it be high enough so that there will always be something to strive for.”


Curlen Phipps, QuiqLabs, instructor for Bitwise Industries Geek Academy, stated he is instructing middle school students through the academy in developing program language and apps, and students Audrey, Jose and Brianna demonstrated what they have created in one day. He talked a little about the program, and noted after they complete the classes they are allowed to keep the laptops furnished for the class.


President Larry introduced visiting Fig Garden Rotarian Stacy Rianda and incoming Central Unified School District Superintendent Mark Sutton, who will succeed Mike Berg, who will be leaving at the end of the year. Mike expressed his appreciation to Mark, and Mark said he is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities with the District. Mark is currently a member of the Sanger Club and we look forward to him joining the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World! Jackie introduced her guest Andrew Gordillo who is Human Resources Assistant with the Housing Authority, and Jerry introduced Marilyn McArthur, wife of Terrance who is being inducted today. Sally C introduced her returning guest niece Rochelle, who has spoken to us in the past, and Tina introduced another returning guest, her daughter McKinsey, who is preparing to return to school.


President Larry noted our incoming exchange student Mateus is flying in from Brazil on Saturday morning and expressed hope for a large delegation to welcome him. When we find out the departure date for outgoing student Martin Cabrera, we hope to have a good sendoff delegation.


President Larry invited sponsor Jerry to present and introduce Terrance McArthur. Jerry noted that Terrance, among many many accomplishments, has teaching credentials, is involved in theater, works with the Library, does performance review, and has 1,300 ties. Larry inducted Terrance, who shared a little more about his community involvement and interests. Welcome, Terrance. We’ve been looking forward to you becoming a member


Sally C introduced Alison Haugen, a nationwide coach and consultant who talks about a topic near and dear to your Editor’s heart – Civility in the Workplace and the value and importance of leading with civility. She shared some great information with a powerpoint presentation (see a few on the album), and emphasized that her subject is not about good manners; it;s about respect and responsibility in a business culture. She stressed the importance of each of us taking personal responsibility. He said this calls for a paradigm shift in the context of global interconnectedness, complex isues, and the increasingly rapid pace with technology and other variables. She said it’s all about loyalty, honesty and truth. She stated we are all here to be our best selves and we must get unified in fundamental principles. She added the active demonstration of respect and responsibility is embodied in seven touchstones of civility:

1. Courage

2. Integrity

3. Vulnerability (demonstrate open and honestly)

4. Investment (in self and others hearts)

5. Listening – with eyes, ears and heart

6. Intuition

7. Temperance

She concluded by charging everyone to always by 100% responsibly for what happens in your life.

Larry thanked Alison and presented her with one of Will’s wonderful cups.


Chair Patsy distributed a survey form and asked everyone to complete and return to her


Treasurer Matt gave an overview of how the process works and how to pay on line, noting he is using Quickbooks Online. All invoices are going out online and that is preferred method of payment; however, visa, cash and checks will be accepted at meetings.


Mike 3 to thank CARC for all it does for Central Unified; thanks to Mark and Laurel for all their work; and for the District going forward

Elva was appointed to the Advisory Board for the CSUF College of Arts and Humanities

Lisa will be in the Canadian Rockies for the next two meetings

Sally C for Stacy being with us today and for getting to work with John Alkire at The Big Fresno Fair

Jerry visited four other clubs, and expressed appreciation for DG Mike Andritch

Jackie 2 for the August 9 Grizzlies Game and her upcoming Art Show at Sorenson’s Studio Sept 3-Nov 30

Brooke 2 being away conducting training, and being in Portland visiting grandchildren; she expressed appreciation for the well wishes for her dad who is ill

Terrance as his first official act and for next week’s beginning of the annual Library Big Book Sale at Sierra Vista Mall

Jon for the scholarship students, one of whom is interning at Arte

Will for being back from Ohio and back to his murals, which he hopes will be inspiration to the youth, teachers and administrators in Central Unified


Storyland & Jazz at the River meeting this evening

Sally has forms for restaurants, silent auction items and donations

Let Terri know your makeups so you can receive credit

Get silent auction items to Elva when Julian not here

What an honor to serve our community together in the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno