September 8, 2015 Meeting Recap

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After opening shakes, bumps and hugs (thanks, Paul), President Larry read a Paul Harris quote relating to stimulating around the world, and said that is what we are doing today, with presentations by our incoming exchange student Mateus from Brazil; a visit from Sally C.’s 1992 exchange student Carlinos also from Brazil, and program about African WAVSchool by Chris and Emily.

Larry announced sign ups are still available for the Alzheimer’s Walk ad sponsorship, and read a card from member Jon Morse that he is experiencing health issues and would appreciate prayer. Larry will bring a card for us all to sign, and we all wish Jon a speedy recovery.


Mateus showed a series of slides and a video, and told about the Brazilian flag colors, design and symbols; states and maps; and his school. He responded to questions about his experiences, and everyone is encouraged to include Mateus in activities, trips and events. He expressed interest in Interact, and Laurel said he is welcome to be a part of any Interact activities, adding that if he is interested in visiting Southern California attractions, she will help figure out how to get him there.

Carlos, who was exchange student from Brazil in 1992 with Sally Caglia, talked about the good things from exchange to, in his words, “take back to the rest of your life.” He emphasized that half of what he does is due to Sally, calling himself really really blessed that her and that experience. He showed a great video of Brazil, and said his advice to Mateus is to get into the culture of the Fern family; help in the home, and get thoroughly involved. He suggested Mateus visit colleges and see what is interesting.

Our returning guest Chris Collins introduced new program associate Emily and gave a brief update on the School. There were 108 students enrolled in the spring; 50 in the summer; and fall enrollment is just beginning. When they were last here, the Prime Minister of the country was a Fresno State graduate. Since then, he was fired by the country President and everything is back to square one. He said that does not diminish their belief in the youth and future of the country and they will continue to invest in the youth. He thanked the club for the $1,500 donation for the vehicle fund to transport students, and Emily talked about the upcoming fundraiser on October 2 from 6:00 to 9:00 at Moravia Winery, 3620 N. Bishop in Fresno. Tickets are $150 a couple and $90 individual. More information at or (206) 552-8151. They passed Karen’s hat for business cards to draw to tickets to the event, and Linda Hightower won. Congratulations, Linda. Have a great time!


President Larry called Paul forward. Paul had received his second Paul Harris Fellow plaque, but not the pin, and Larry presented him with his pin. Congratulations, Paul


Elva announced Valley Cultural Coalition has its event at Arte on October 3 and shared the activities. The gorgeous flyer is Will’s artwork (see the photo!)

Jerry announced the September 29 All Arts Network of FCOE. He and Jackie staffed a CARC table last year, and he will staff it again this year

Robert noted the brochures for the Fresno State Keyboard Concert 44th year, the longest running in the nation outside Carnegie Hall, and went on for quite some time about the program. Your editor heard master pianist Charlie Albright this weekend and can attend to the incredible talent involved. Robert also noted the program for the Philharmonic and Ted Kuchar’s last season as conductor


Jackie 2 for our guess and all 17 members who were able to attend her Blue Tech Valley exhibit on the 3rd (that’s a make-up!)

Paul for picking up some young people who missed the bus, and it turned one was carrying a binder from attending Camp Royal two years ago, who also carries the certificate and talked about how good the experience was for him

Elva 2 for donating wine for the upcoming event, and for spending time with her son, who is an artist

Marcy 2 for visiting the African American exhibit by McLane students (they will perform it at Oct Art Hop) and for going to Washington, D.C. tomorrow to attend the gala for the National Medals of Arts Ceremony

Sally C for having exchange “son” Carlinos visit her while in the United States on business, calling it an honor for her and her family

Jerry signed the last square on the board to congratulate Jackie on her Blue Tech Valley exhibit, noting he purchased two pieces to hang in their home

Isn’t it great to be a part of the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno