September 22, 2015 Meeting Recap

September 22 – Thank you, Becky, for the photos and notes
Click here to view September 22 meeting and Town Hall with NEA Chair Jane Chu at Arte

1). S&J profit was approx $24,000. Cost of recent location vs prior location, income, expenses and net profit were basically the same as prior years after everything was totaled up. Profit from fundraiser went to the Foundation.

2). as of today only 4 people were confirmed to attend the barbecue on the evening of the 29th. Larry needs to provide final number by this weekend.

3). as of today 2 Rotary shirts had been paid for/ordered. Cutoff date is 10/13. Discussed shirts vs shrugs

4). regarding student exchange program, Larry would like someone to share the responsibility involved as he is acting as counselor and providing oversight to both boys. Our student in Brazil is having a ball and doing well, while Mateos is basically failing in several classes at Buchanan, needs 2 additional host families to volunteer, has had minimal interaction w/our Rotary group while being included in outings w/Clovis Rotary and Kerman Rotary. Richard reviewed the history of our club’s exchange program (not a positive experience, evidently, based upon the lack of involvement and commitment of members). Larry went through costs involved for both kids. After quite a bit of discussion, it was determined there was a need to plan ahead; have things such as host families, events, and who would be responsible for what all planned out, and to work toward the 2017/2018 school year

5.) Robert advised Sue had the schedule for chaperones for Central High students attending the philharmonic performance on Sunday.

6). Richard L. will be contacting Laurel for families for our Christmas family giving program.

7.) Howard Watkins reviewed his photograph project, distributed contribution forms, and was generally his sweet, kind self.

8). No brag board this week.

REMEMBER: No noon meeting next week! Family Picnic 6-9 pm at LoMac Winery at 2674 W. Westlawn Avenue RSVP 999-0877 by Sept 25

It is so good to serve together in the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno