July 14 2015 Meeting Recap

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President Larry introduced District Governor Mike Andritch. DG Mike said he came to the meeting to thank the Club for sponsoring outbound Exchange Student Martin Cabrera, who will be going to Brazil and who will be speaking to the Club next week. President Larry also introduced visiting Rotarian Junso Ogawa, who has retired as Student Exchange Chair and has been in touch with Martin. Larry noted that Martin is a joy to meet and it will be a delight to hear him speak next week. President Larry presented two tickets to Storyland & Jazz to DG Mike


Jerry introduced Terrance McArthur AGAIN and we’re all clamoring for the paperwork to be completed and Terrance to be inducted! Jerry also introduced Ann McGowan, Executive Director of Valley Cultural Coalition.


Larry noted that second Tuesdays will be designated as End Polio Day and encouraged everyone to feed the cartons. DG Mike gave a good summary of what is happening with End Polio Now, noting that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are matching all donations two for one over the next five years. There is now presence of polio only in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Rotary is continuing to fight the 30 year battle; and there is renewed faith that effort will prevail and polio will be obliterated worldwide. Larry said it was interesting at the Rotary International Convention to talk with Rotarians from other countries about the difference that has been made.

PAUL HARRIS QUOTE read by Robert, which he updated to be less sexist

“What would you, as a person old and experienced in Rotary, like to tell the new Rotarian if you had the opportunity? …Well, suppose that you advise your mew member to get intimately acquainted with each and every member to what fellow members are thinking about, and about what their problems are, and how they are trying to solve them. One must see that Rotary is fundamentally an educational process. Rotary helps a person to keep his or her feet on the ground. It helps the individual to get the “low-down” as well a the “high-up” on things.


Ann McGowan and Nancy Marquez invited everyone to support and attend the alley Arts Festival Preview Party on Saturday, Oct 3 from 6 to 9 at The Plaza at Arte Americas. Tickets are $40 and can be purchased on line at www.valleyculturalcoalition.org. The talked about the event, the sponsoring opportunities, and distributed flyer which shows partial image of wonderful painting by Rotarian Will Portis (see the photo!) being used to promote the event. Larry noted that throughout this year, all the gifts to presenters will feature that image, and Will said it will be placed on a wide variety of things, such as cups, tiles, etc. Thank you, Will. It really is beautiful!


DG Mike talked about the importance of local focus, even in the context of worldwide service, to enhance lives in our own area. He talked about the Water Project in Porterville and the difference that is making. Mike shared his background of community service which has led him to the place where he is now, and shared a story many years ago that a woman in Washington State told about actually having her life saved by being embraced as a young woman on the wrong path by a small and very caring Rotary Club. He incorporated the wonderful story of the starfish, which he noted exemplifies the work of Rotary – one person, one family, one community at a time with results and impact that is incalculable which we add together all the projects and donations through all the clubs and all the members throughout the world.


Sally R handed out flyers and shared information about the Toro Nagashi celebration scheduled at Shinzen Garden on August 8 7:30-9:00 P.M. to honor those who have passed.

Jerry distributed flyers on his play The Picture of Dorian Grey, which is running at Fresno Soap Co. Your editor can attest: It’s a wonderful show!


President Larry pointed out the event is a mere 6 weeks away, and we are in serious need of sponsorships (only one at this time); ads for the program; restaurants; silent auction items; ticket sales. Sandy is coordinating members visiting other clubs to present two to club presidents, and sell others. Brooke and Jim are heading up public information and marketing. Deadline is August 4 to get sponsorships and ads in the programs. Larry issued a call to come forward and make the event a success in every respect.


Larry signed for the Masumoto Family showing of their documentary film Changing Season last Saturday evening on the farm

Terri 2 for 26th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (Congratulations to you!) and trip to Pacific Grove next week

Lisa for going with the entire family to Book of Mormon

Jackie 2 for DG Mike’s visit and appreciation to the Masumotos for the great event

Sally R for the fun of looking over photos of Shinzen events and seeing many Rotarians there

Richard for Junso giving all those years for Rotary Student Exchange

Jill for Don’s 66th birthday today (he’s claiming 22 years – you go, Don!!)

It’s always a joy to join in service with the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Jacqueline L. Ryle

Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno