August 25, 2015 Meeting Recap

Click here to see members, guests and new generation – the essence of Rotary! Be sure to view the video of Paul leading our new greeting process!

This meeting was billed as being all about New Generations – and it Really Was!


President Larry introduced visiting Rotarian and Assistant District Governor Rod Coburn, and our Brazil inbound exchange student Mateus and his host Fern family. Jackie introduced guest Teresa Mathias, founder and owner of The Artist in Me; Laurel introduced the team from Central High – Erin English, Interact Administrator and Guidance Instructional Advisor, Central High Principal Robert Perez, Interact President Cameron Ferraro, and Interact Vice President Dylan Casares; Mike introduced Mark Sutton who will replace him as Central Superintendent; Jill introduced Edison Camp Royal Chong Lee, Zariah Brown, Samuel Crary and QiQi Liu. President Larry introduced visiting Rotarian, Fresno Club Past President Shirley Bruegman, who made a great pitch for the private adult reopening of Storyland on September 4. She thanked us for all our support for Storyland over the years, especially Sally and Laurel. There was a standing ovation for Sally.

Sue presented Jackie with a wonderful portrait she painted of Jackie (which is greatly treasured and appreciated! Thank you, Sue)


Each of the Camp Royal attendees shared their experiences and what they gained. The theme was it was a rewarding and valuable experience, and was particularly valuable in that the youth were tasked with figuring things out for themselves, which provided creativity and initiative

Interact President Cameron shared his perspective for the coming year, including the plan to get more photos of the wide range of activities and emphasis on the meaning of all the activities, citing examples of past and ongoing projects. Larry noted Storyland & Jazz had 20 Interacters there adding a great deal of value. Richard asked what we could best do to support Interact, and Larry said that is currently under discussion.

Shirley Bruegman stated the Central High Interact is known as the most dynamic in all of District 5230. Laurel noted the many things Interactees have done at Storyland and added they will be at the public grand opening on Sept 5

Principal Perez talked about his plans for Central High, stressing the importance of community service in education. He expressed excitement for this upcoming generation and the involvement of youth and them being role models for the future

Internet Vice President Dylan noted they were with us at Storyland & Jazz on Saturday, as well as our last 2-3 meetings, and also expressed excitement for future involvement

Exchange student Mateus was to have make a presentation on his home country of Brazil but due to technology failure, he will present next week. If anyone will be attending activities or events which might appeal to Mateus, we can contact him directly at 559/392-592.


Sally thanked everyone for their hard work on Storyland & Jazz, especially Michelle for the lovely color flow of the entire grounds. She shared list of both compliments and suggestions for improvements; that list will be published and distributed as we debrief. She thanked Brooke for the outstanding publicity and promotion, and Robert emphasized the importance of thanking Sally and her staff for everything from lighting to electricity to all requirements being met and everything in between.

It is thought we had over 400 people there, and anticipated we will have reports on attendance and income next week.

Assistant District Governor Rod said this was his first Storyland & Jazz and said it was a great event.


Larry for success of Storyland & Jazz

Jacke 5 (determined by club) for going on and on for Storyland & Jazz and her upcoming exhibit at Sorensen’s beginning Sept 3

Linda 2 for Michelle’s color coordination and for Becky getting her through the weekend

Sally in gratitude for all who made S & J a success

Marcy to honor so many outstanding educational leaders, many present

Larry one more for starting his last class

Ann for moving and being so tired she missed S & J

Terrance for Friends of Library book sale bringing in $40,000

Jackie one more to thank Sue for her portrait, as well as the stick horse and dragon decorations

Michelle 2 for her S & J committee, and Jackie presenting two workshops at EOC’s 50th anniversary celebration

WOW! All meetings of the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World are outstanding – this was even better than that. Thanks to all!!!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno