August 18, 2015 Meeting Recap

Click here to see Cultural Arts Rotarians and guests in action

President Larry introduced visiting Rotarian Leslie, Central Valley Community Bank, and Julian introduced Megin, who is helping with the silent auction for Fresno Arts Council.


Patsy read this week’s quote: “Good works are not all there is in Rotary; good works are expressions only of something beneath. Beneath the good works of Rotary there is an invisible power; it is the power of goodwill. Some of the most powerful forces in the world are invisible and yet it sustains life…Beneath the good works of Rotary there is an invisible power; it is the power of goodwill and by virtue of the power of goodwill Rotary exists.”

Larry talked about the departure of our exchange student and the arrival of inbound student Mateus, who will speak next week. Next week’s meeting is all New Generation; Mateus will talk about Brazil; we’ll hear from our Camp Royal students from Edison; and guests will include the new Interact Officers and Advisors, as well as the new principal, from Central High School


Sally circulated maps of the grounds and talked about specifics of the event; what is done and what is needed.


Terrance reminded us of the Friends of the Library Book Sale this coming weekend

Richard presented a wonderful painting of a girl hugging cat to Becky. He said when he saw it, he loved it but knew someone who would love it even more, and presented it to Becky


Robert 2 for buying a new house and the great job being done by Brooke on the fund raiser

Ann also bought a new house

Sally for being on the downside of Storyland & Jazz and appreciation for all the help

Jackie for knowing it will be a successful event

Sandy for GPC Junior Company fundraiser; we had eleven people there; our name is in the program; and we received a nice thank you letter; also, it was the first event our exchange student attended

Jerry for the announcement that this year we will present two A.J. Parker-Foster Memorial Musical Instruments

We next gather together for Storyland & Jazz at the River as proud members of the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno