July 7, 2015 Meeting Recap

to view Cultural Arts Rotarians and guests – true Gifts to the World

For his first meeting as President of the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World, President Larry concluded this inaugural session by presenting everyone with a new pin with the 2015-16 Rotary International Theme “Be A Gift to the World.” (see the photo) Every table was adorned with a brightly wrapped gift and President Larry shared his plans for the coming year

President Larry presented Laurel with her Past President’s Pin and thanked her for a great year


Jackie introduced Dale Hydeman, who just completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is looking for work in this area, and Myrna Axt, a professional artist who is currently exhibiting at the M Street Complex gallery. Myrna does Assemblage, and Jackie showed a piece Myrna created entitled “DR J R”. Jerry reintroduced soon to be inducted Terrance McArthur and Jill presented Joe Bascetta. Joe noted he is no longer with Fresno Grand Opera, is seeking work in the area, and thanked everyone for his time as a member representing FGO.


Robert read today’s Paul Harris quote: “Good works are not all there is in Rotary; good works are expressions only of something beneath. Beneath the good works of Rotary there is an invisible power; it is the power of goodwill. Some of the most powerful forces in the world are invisible…Even the air we breathe is invisible and yet it sustains life…Beneath the good works of Rotary there is an invisible; it is the power of goodwill and by virtue of the power of goodwill Rotary exists.”


Jerry presented the Paul Harris Fellow he won with the completion of the last Brag Board to Rotarian Brooke Frost in appreciation for her engagement and hard work or the club and for the community. Brooke expressed her appreciation, and shared that she was wearing one of the Rotary jackets available for us to order (see the photo). President Larry presented Brooke with her Paul Harris pin.


President Larry showed the new Be A Gift to the World Themed RI Banner (see the photo). He noted Laurel will be a hard act to follow, then led a meeting which reflects he’s the guy that can do it!

President Larry circulated and reviewed Rotarians Engaged: Be a Gift to the World. The handout contained comparative facts about our membership (we are at 41 with a goal of 46); gender 44% male 56% female – we’ve come a long way, Baby!; age range (need some of those younger members); and service project, Foundation and volunteer statistics. For this year the stated service project goal is 6 (President Larry has 12 in his mind); and $7,000 for Foundation (he’s thinking more than that, too)

President Larry shared the results of the surveys we completed at the previous session, and then there was discussion at each table about those findings. Some of the feedback included importance of strengthening our follow up with both new and continuing members, importance of good programming, staying engaged through on going and continual feedback, possibilities such as hybrid with both face to face and on line meetings, and interest in knowing more about each other. As it happens, it’s all on President Larry’s agenda for the coming year.

President Larry shared four of his top priorities, noting that work is underway on all fronts

No. 1: Grant opportunities. Sue has volunteered to Chair a team on grant development. A $500 club match will bring additional $1,500 and we’ve already applied for funds to support Strings Program in Biola. Larry, Sue and Robert visited the school, have submitted grant application, and decision is forthcoming. Robert shared the opportunities which will accrue to some 60 4th, 5th and 6th graders, including visit to Symphony rehearsal, photos with musicians, lunch, and attending final performance.

No. 2: Exchange Student program. CARC will sponsor both an outbound and inbound student, for Sao Paulo, Brazil, through an anonymous donor to support costs. He said the ducks are all in order, and the inbound student is interested in the arts

No. 3: Vocational Program. Mike Berg will chair the job share event, and expand on the excellent program from last year. The job fair concept will be taken to the School for all the students, not just those who could be bused to a different location. CSUF and FPU will be invited to share information about going on to University and what will be needed.

No. 4: Streamlined organization, as laid out in the handout. He shared the July calendar; things to do in July; upcoming dates, the Avenues of Service, officer structure and committee chairs. Committee Chairs are: Club Administration Sally Caglia; Membership Paul Pierce and Tom Amos; Public Relations Brooke Frost; Service Projects Elva Rodriguez; and Rotary Foundation Mike Berg. All of the teams will be part of each committee. Vocational overall needs a chair, and Patsy Waderker will serve until permanent chair in place.

More club engagement: There will be designated greeters each month: July is Will and Karen. There will be rotating readers of the Paul Harris quote: today it was Robert. President Larry presented sign up chart for Greeters and Quote Readers.

Each hand out has a final page to fill out areas of interest, and President Larry urged everyone to fill it out and give it back to him.

Lots of great information in the handout reflecting a solid, doable plan for the coming year. Thank you, President Larry!


President Larry 1 for the opportunity to work with all of us for a successful Rotary Year!

Sally C 1 to welcome Larry and she leaves for England Thursday

Elva 2 for going to coast with her granddaughter and working with Larry’s team

Tom 1 for heading up membership with Paul

Greg 1 for Carol and Ken Maul heading to Alaska vacation

Carol Maul 1 to thank CARC for support of Jr. Company Foundation fundraiser on August 12 – noting they will buy table at Storyland & Jazz

Jackie 2 for Larry’s year and for Greg’s amazingly talented son Sammy for his great job in starring role as Jack in Into the Woods

Jerry 1 also for Sammy’s great performance

Marcy 1 to thank everyone who is coming to the documentary film showing Saturday at the Masumoto Farm


Sally C has packets for all aspects of Storyland & Jazz, and she’s forward by email – thanks for all the work on this, Sally

Jackie noted Don brought Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit and Jackie brought Fresno State wine and glasses and 32” tv for silent auction

Julian is here and will take the items to Fresno Arts Council – and thanks to Lilia and Julian for coordinating

Sally C emphasized need for sponsorships

Sue on need for volunteers to complete centerpieces – contact her

Joe noted he has left FGO, is looking for work, and expressed appreciation for all the friendships and support of CARC. You are always welcome here, Joe!

Don noted he has been watching for a very long time, and the Brag Board support is phenomenal. He suggested finding some way to work that concept into getting sponsorships

At this point President Larry presented the new pins and adjourned the meeting. GREAT BEGINNING, PRESIDENT LARRY!

Looking forward to another great year of service through the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World!!!

Jacqueline L. Ryle
Cultural Arts Rotary of Fresno