October 7, 2013 Recap

Here is a link to pics of a very special meeting (aren’t they all!).

We welcomed some very special guests today! It was wonderful to see Judge Armando Rodriguez here, and to welcome visiting Fresno Club Rotarian Patty Thornton. Jackie re-introduced returning guests Shannon Eizenga and Claudia Habib; Larry re-introduced Robert Ware; and Jon Morse introduced students Jordy DiPrimo, Jesus Lee and Yolanda Challa. He talked about their involvement in the arts and noted he is seeking opportunities for them to shadow or be involved in any way.

Jackie signed for renewing her driver’s license today without having to take the vision test, and again for the lovely top from Jill (check the photo – isn’t it great! Thank you, Jill!); Paul signed twice for getting up at 4 every morning to share long distance with wife Patience, who is studying public policy at Cornell in upstate New York; Sue signed for her eye surgery saga, and thanked Sandy for picking her up and getting places – she’s seeing double right now, so we’re all looking good twice!; Jerry signed for the great talent guest Shannon showed when performing recently in God of Carnage; Elva signed for Suzanne, who is busier than ever after her recent marriage to long time partner Frank Reavis (photos were sent), and she signed a second time for Armando’s late wife, our beloved Betty, and noted there is a beautiful tribute to her in the current Day of the Dead exhibits at Arte; Laurel thanked everyone for their support for the Alzheimer’s Walk, noting the overall goal has not yet been made, but she reached her goal thanks to CARC support; and Larry signed for retiring (again) at the end of the year. Christine reported that Kepler School, Calaveras and Broadway, is having a student Art Hop this week and urged everyone to come by and see the students’ work.

President Jerry inducted new Associate Member Tricia Holt-Bowlby representing the Fresno Philharmonic. Jackie expressed appreciation for being Tricia’s sponsor and read a great bio – Tricia has done a lot and is now Director of Development for the Philharmonic, as well as lots of other community activities. We are so pleased to have her in CARC! Congratulations and welcome, Tricia!

President Jerry read a moving message about the elimination of polio worldwide, noting that the international effort by Rotary is the largest worldwide such effort in history.

Our own Paul Pierce presented a wonderful, interactive program on Appreciation. He started by telling us that when recycling plastic bottles, remove the caps for better compression (thanks, Paul). He then talked about the importance of appreciation among and between everyone and had us partner up with someone we don’t know as well and share appreciation with each other, being sure to be good receivers as well as deliverers. It was a lovely experience and there was lots of good positive feedback. He distributed a nice little summary entitled Appreciation in Relationships.

It is a real pleasure to serve with you in the ONLY Cultural Arts Rotary Club in the World! – Jackie Ryle